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Svalbard expeditions

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Understanding Planet Earth


Let’s get to know the world so we can take better care of it! One way is to follow Linnaeus’ students overseas. Anton Rolandsson Martin spent the summer of 1758 in the Greenland Sea and a couple of hours on Midtøya off the west coast of Svalbard. The IK Foundation found that particular skerry in 2016 and eventually built a field station on a nearby island. For a full year, five cameras, a sound recorder and a weather station kept us updated about the state of this very remote place.​​

I joined them on five Bridge Builder Expeditions along the north west coast of Svalbard. My task was to render my impressions with my pencil and watercolours. A selection of drawings and paintings are planned for an interdisciplinary book and an international tour. 

Sound and all images © The IK Workshop Society at www.ikfoundation.org

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